Weekly Meal Plan #11: Caravan Cooking

We're on holiday this week, so have left my mum (our cat-sitter!) a fridge full of meals, and made only the vaguest plan for ourselves. Breakfasts will be easy things like toast on the verandah, croissants on the beach, and probably a cooked breakfast or two, either in or out. Lunches will inevitably be picnics while we're out and about every day, for adventures in the New Forest or on various beaches.

In the past we have had holidays where we have eaten out every night, but invariably ended up with lots of pizza, fried food, chips etc and ended up coming home feeling dreadful!  So now we have a couple of meals out but cook the rest at the caravan.  The one we are staying in has a gas BBQ outside, so we will be making the most of that, but usually use those little disposable ones when we are camping or caravanning.  Sophia is slightly addicted to toasted marshmallows!


Barbecue night (x 2): veggie burgers, sausages, halloumi, vegetable skewers, regular or sweet potatoes, corn cobs, salads etc

Vegetable lasagne (taken frozen from home, great for first night), garlic bread and salad

Chickpea tagine

Pizza or pasta

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  1. Ahh! What a fab week you have planned. How exciting. I hope you have a lovely holiday and the weather is nice for you x


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