Weekly Meal Plan #13

Well, would you believe it but we are still on a clear out the cupboards and freezer mission.  We had such a backlog of grains and beans, that a quick visit to the farm shop a couple of times a week is enough to tide us over for weeks now.  There are many reasons that all cultures rely on a type of grain, it's such a cheap way to eat!  Great way to save some money for all the summer fun and holidays we've got coming up.  So here's this week's simple, but tasty meal plan.


Brunch: cooked breakfast

Dinner: curry, chana dhal, brown rice, naan bread, chutneys


Breakfast: toast with peanut butter; bananas; berries

Lunch: buckwheat kasha with chopped salad

Dinner: vegetable chilli with brown rice


Breakfast: granola with yogurt and berries

Lunch: open sandwiches on rye, salad

Dinner: quinoa with vegetables and salad


Breakfast: berries, fruit and croissants

Lunch: falafel, pitta bread, hummus and salad

Dinner: kidney bean burgers, sweet potato wedges and watercress salad


Breakfast: pancakes with Greek yogurt and berries

Lunch: quinoa tabbouleh

Dinner: chimichangas with Mexican rice, black beans and salad


Breakfast: toast, fruit platter

Lunch: pasta salad

Dinner: noodles with stir-fried veg and tofu


Breakfast: pastries, fruit platter, berries

Lunch: onion and lentil soup

Dinner: vegetable and kidney bean fajitas

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  1. Ohh! I could just eat a cooked breakfast now! I think I will make do with a bacon sandwich. hehehe
    Yum! Everything sounds so good...You have reminded me that I need to buy some chutneys to go with our curry :) x


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