Friday, 14 July 2017

Baby's First 12 Months

Babies are expensive right?  So we're told anyway, and this infographic from Leeds day care provider Busy Bees illustrates just how much they can cost.  According to this that tiny bundle of joy is going to cost you an absolute fortune!

We've written before about the real essentials for new parents, and also offered our moneysaving tips for new parents.  In fact, breastfeeding, using reusable nappies, and co-sleeping meant we spent less than £100 during Lara's first 6 months!  Even less when you factor it out on a cost-per-wear basis re-using everything for the next two!  My advice to save lots would be to ditch the dummies, cots, bottles and 'sposies and embrace breastfeeding wholeheartedly.  Oh and our top tip, just let them eat and sleep whenever they want, it makes life a whole lot easier!

Baby's first year in numbers

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