Collected together here are links to all the parenting advice and ideas I have passed on on this blog, as well as some other web resources I find helpful.  There are also reviews of baby equipment, great books and much more.  Just e-mail me on if you need anything else!  For a dose of inspiration, see our Parenting Prompt series.

Adoption & Fostering

Adoption: My Experience
Foster Care in the UK Faces a Shortfall

Attachment Parenting

Attachment Parenting
Attachment Parenting International
Attachment Parenting UK
Holding on to Attachment as Children Grow
Juno Magazine
The Mother Magazine
The Other Baby Book: Review
The Other Baby Book website
Our Journey from Baby Catalogues to the Family Bed

Babywearing/Baby Carriers

Stokke My Carrier Review


Aveeno Skincare
Bathing Bunnies Baby Towels and Wash Mitts
Bathing Bunnies Baby/Toddler Towels
Green People Organic Children Lavender Burst Bath & Shower Gel
Green People Skin Rescue Balm - great for eczema sufferers too
Hope's Relief Skincare Range
Weleda Calendula Weather Protection Cream


10 Things Not to Say to a Breastfeeding Mother
Benefits of Breastmilk & Breastfeeding
Book Review: Breast Intentions
Breast Isn't 'Best'
Breastfeeding and Allergies
Breastfeeding Beyond a Year
Breastfeeding Essentials
Breastfeeding Toddlers
Breastfeeding Top Tips for Pregnant Mamas
Dr Jack Newman - the guru of breastfeeding, any problems he can help - brilliant site
How Husbands Can Help & Support Breastfeeding Mothers
Importance of Breastfeeding Support
Importance of Support in Successful Breastfeeding
Jamie Oliver on Breastfeeding - It's Not About You
La Leche League - find your local branch and go along, invaluable support and advice
Nursing on Cue
Positively Normal - breastfeeding in public
Top Tips for Breastfeeding - more great advice and top tips
View from a Breastfeeding Counsellor
What's So Great About Breastfeeding Anyway?
Why I Chose to Breastfeed

Budgeting and Costs

10 Ways to Make Money as a Stay at Home Parent
Amazon Family
Baby Essentials 0-6 Months
The Cost of Raising a Baby
Essentials for New Parents - what you REALLY need
How to Help Children Learn the Value of Money
Money Saving Tips for New Parents
Shared Parental Leave

Car Seats

Bug In A Rug Baby Wrap



Conscious Parenting


Aveeno Skincare
Baby eczema - how to manage it
Foods to eat and to avoid
Green People Skin Rescue Balm
Hope's Relief Skincare Range
How to promote good sleep
Itching - how to calm it
Surcare laundry products


Monkey Platters - perfect for toddlers, picky eaters, everyone!
Toddler Portion Sizes

Gift Ideas

Baby Gifts from Treat Republic
Christmas Gifts for Babies
Easter Gifts for Babies
Gifts Fit for a New Prince or Princess
Hampergifts Baby Hampers
Memories Gro Dolly
My First Christmas Range from Natures Purest
Natures Purest baby gifts
New Baby Gifts
Non-toy but still fab presents for kids
Perdita's Personalised Bunting
The Day That commemorative photos
What Mums Really Want for Mother's Day

Green Living

Teaching Your Children Green Habits

Health Matters & Illness

Contact Lenses for Kids
DDrops Vitamin D Supplement
Essential First Aid with St John's Ambulance and The Chokeables
Head Lice Prevention and Treatment
Jelly Bears Children's Vitamins
Norovirus Natural Treatments
Toddler Shoes Buying Guide

Names & Naming

2012 Most Popular Baby Names
What's in a Name?

Nappies & Nappy Changing

Baby Changing Bags
Cheeky Wipes
Just4Bums Nappies


21st Century Childhood vs a 1970s Childhood
Busting the Parenting Myths
Family Should Come Before Career
Make the Ordinary Come Alive - poem
Older Mothers Are Selfish
Should We Teach Our Children to Share?
The First 6 Weeks After Birth: The Truth
The Perfect Number/Age Gap/Age to have Babies
The REAL Price of Children
The Time is Now
The To Do List That Never Ends & Why It Doesn't Matter
Why Being a Disorganised Mother is OK


How to Make a Treasure Basket
5 Reasons Children Need Regular Outdoor Play
7 Ways to Encourage Imaginative Play Outdoors
Rainy Day Play Ideas

Potty Learning

DryNites pull-ups

Prams, Pushchairs & Travel Systems

Obaby Chase 3 Wheeler Pramette


12 Things You Must Do Before Your Baby is Born
Deep Freeze Cold Patch Review
Exercise in Pregnancy
How to Dress Your Bump
Make-Up Tips for Expectant Mothers
Maternicare Pre and Post-Natal Nourishing Cream - review
Mocktails Recipes
Pre-Birth To Do List
Pregnancy After Miscarriage
Pregnancy Diary Week 6 - Symptoms & Questions
Pregnancy Diary Week 7 - Friend Froggy
Pregnancy Diary: Week 8 - Books But No Booking In
Pregnancy Diary Week 9 - Those Pesky Hormones
Pregnancy Diary Week 10 - Ug!
Pregnancy Niggles
Walking during Pregnancy - tips

Safety & 'Babyproofing'

Essential Tips for Babyproofing Your Home

SEND Parenting

Yesterday I Walked Out

Sleep & Sleep Training

Cry It Out Damages Infant Brains - Psychology Today article
Natural Sleep




BedBox: THE Solution to Air and Train Travel with Kids
Car Games for School-aged Kids
Top 10 Things to Do In Brighton with Kids


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