From an Earlier Blog Incarnation: Lara

The Chef put Chupy's new Mothercare Adjust with Me highchair together this morning, it's so much better than the one we had from Freecycle, she can sit right up to the table.  She really enjoyed her cous cous salad, Jarlsberg cheese and breadsticks today, very enthusiastic!

It's so lovely watching her skills develop day by day.  Yes, a lot does end up on the floor still, but she can handle most shapes, sizes and textures really well now, and more and more is going in.  She enjoys everything, particular favourites being cucumber, cheese, apricots, seeded bread and hummus.  I can't believe too that at 8 months she's drinking from an open cup, no bottle or sippy cup stage for her!  Mummy milk is still the best of all though and elicits the most enthusiasm, bless her.

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