The Gallery: Extreme Close-Up

I must admit to being a bit stumped by this theme when I first read about it on Sticky Fingers last Friday.  Luckily, a day or two later, Lara inadvertently stepped in to help.

Foolishly I left the nappy cream within reach whilst I went to answer the phone, and came back to find poor Sophia lying on the changing mat absolutely smothered in it!

Thankfully it was lovely organic Green People baby balm, so it sank in beautifully and her face and head are now incredibly soft.

The poor girl did look rather horrified at big sister 'taking care of' her, so I couldn't resist but take a photo before I cleaned her up!

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  1. Oh goodness, she does look a bit startled!

  2. Oh my LOL We had a similar incident with Miss C and sudocrem although, thankfully, the sudocrem was all over her brother's toy dinosaur. She does look a bit startled though LOL

  3. I know what you mean about this theme - I love her expression! fab!

  4. aww she is a real cutie and her eyes speak a thousand words in that pic!


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