Review: Perdita's Personalised Bunting

We have recently been given the most wonderful room decorations for the girls: felt bunting with the letters of their names stitched on and beautifully decorated.  Lara absolutely adores hers, and I'm sure Sophia will too, after all, who doesn't love something handmade with their name on, whatever age they are.

Each square, including all its decoration, is stitched by hand with love and such close attention to detail, they really are delightful.  I can hardly believe that the lovely lady who makes them, Perdita, only charges £3 per square!

You can choose any colour for your bunting, and any decoration.  Apparently pirates, Hello Kitty and Miffy are very popular as end pieces at the moment, although Perdita does everything from anchors to zebras, and much in between!

These are so lovely, and such good quality, I cannot recommend them highly enough.  They would make an ideal present for girls or boys, for birthdays, christenings, naming ceremonies, Christmas etc.  Just remember to get your order in ahead of time as each one is made to order and all handstitched.  The full range, and contact/order details, can be found here.

Thank you to Perdita's Personalised Bunting for Lara and Sophia's gifts.

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