CBeebies What Have You Done?

Lara's world officially ended on Friday.

For the past few weeks her beloved Tree Fu Tom episodes have been slowly disappearing from BBC iPlayer.  For some time now iPlayer has been our salvation.  Alongside the growing Peppa Pig obsession, there is a deep and true love for Tom, Twigs [Tvigz]*, ZigZoo, Ariella [Alla] and Squirmtum [Sqwum].  Heck, she even loves Puffy [Huffy]!

At one point we could notch up three episodes a day on CBeebies and BBC2, as long as we planned going out times very carefully around the TV schedule.  Then, one by one, the episodes were cut.  But it was OK, we had iPlayer.  And so obsessive watching of "Tom on 'puter." began.

Watching her beloved Tom on the 'puter before the end came
But then, little by little, the episodes showing on iPlayer began to disappear.

One by one, little by little.

Steve and I noticed, but we didn't mention it.  Well, only in hushed tones to one another.

It was OK, 'Cheeky Tvigz' (Wishful Thinking) and 'Bees' (Buzzworthy), as her two favourite episodes are known, were still on there.

But then - Friday.

Nothing.  Not one episode.

The air rang with mournful cries of "Tom gone!"

The floor shook as a desperate, tear-soaked toddler hurled herself towards it.

Yes, we still have 5.25pm, for this week at least.

So for now we still have the huge smile, the dance of happiness as the music begins.

But if we're out (we dare not!), or if she's asleep (we must wake her).

Missing that special 20 minutes of Lara's day doesn't even bear thinking about.

But still we hear, for the rest of the day and night, "Oh, Tom gone!"

And the tears flow afresh.

CBeebies, CBeebies, what have you done?!

Twigs and Tom, loves of Lara's life

* [Lara's pronunciations]

There will apparently be a further 11 episdoes of Tree Fu Tom later this year.  Not soon enough for us!