Now I've plunged into the world of blogging and am being asked about my statistics, readership etc, I have started to think about the topic of influence.

Who have I influenced in my life?  Who do I influence now?  Who influences me?  And who has influenced me in the past, who has helped make me the person I am today?  And, perhaps more importantly, whose influence have I managed to avoid or leave behind?  That last question is a post or three in itself, and probably a great deal of therapy too, but we'll move on.

I recently tried out Klout to see what my score was (47 since you ask) and how far my influence might extend, or not, online.  This was a somewhat bizarre experience as it seems more important initially how you rate yourself, rather than how anyone else rates you.  But perhaps that's a metaphor for life?  Maybe I should be more concerned with what I think of myself than what others think of me!  Thankfully some other people have since upped my score for me so I now feel validated. ;o)

My influence over/towards (which of those is correct when practicing conscious attachment parenting?!) my children is obvious, and I even manage to influence my husband sometimes, although not nearly as much as some people assume!  But, I wondered, who else do I influence?

I was very flattered last week to be told by my best friend that she wouldn't have been able to carry on breastfeeding her second child if I hadn't been at the end of the phone to support her.  Being a great advocate of breastfeeding I am well aware of the effectiveness of peer support in ensuring mothers continue breastfeeding, but I hadn't realised I was actually doing it!

So, who influences you, and who do you influence?  Is it conscious or subliminal?

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  1. Hello, I'm new here, also an AP mamma.

    Lovely to hear you supported your friend in BFing. I had an email from a friend yesterday explaining how she will be doing attachment and nappy free with her babe because of reading my blog. I was surprised as I am graphically honest in my blog, but it did make my day a bit!


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