Daddy Pig, Daddy Pig, Where Are You?

Isn't it funny how children's tastes in toys change as they get older. It constantly surprises me how what Lara is most interested in changes week by week. There are some things she goes back to again and again, like her collection of In the Night Garden toys, which includes cuddlies, a Mega Bloks set, various plastic figures, and talking and dancing Iggle Piggles. She has recently discovered the joys of Duplo and Brio, and is crazy about all her ELC Happyland sets.

Lara busy at her kitchen

She still loves her toy kitchen and all its paraphernalia of cooking sets, tea sets and food; and is gradually getting more and more into dollies and all their accompanying accessories, much to my delight! What a wonderful excuse our children are to enter the world of play again ourselves. I can't wait to get Lara her first dolls' house, and I've even started acquiring Sindy dolls, houses, furniture, horses etc for Lara to play with in a few years, as mine were [shudder] given away in the early '80s. I have always been utterly amazed by children's imagination, and so disappointed that it is knocked out of us long before we get to adulthood. I now feel truly honoured to be here constantly to see Lara's imagination developing. This drumming out of the imagination is one of the main reasons our children won't be attending school, but that's another tale. We were all amazed last weekend when Lara happened upon some strange-looking rubbery creatures in a shop, immediately christened them 'Scubbies' and adopted a gruff voice through which they could talk. It was absolutely hilarious, wish we'd videoed it! Naturally we had to buy a Scubby to come home with us, and he has given us all much entertainment since. Steve and I still have absolutely no idea what a Scubby is, or why he has the voice he does, but hey ho!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is 'Scubby'

Lara is now at that exciting stage where she interacts with her toys, and is beginning to tell stories and play out little scenes with them. She has, as I have mentioned more than once (sorry), got really into Peppa Pig recently, and has now acquired a van, a car, two bikes, three Peppas, one George and one Mummy Pig. They go everywhere with us, and are constantly getting up to their own adventures or being used to play out stories. But nowhere, and I mean nowhere, can we find a Daddy Pig! We have scoured supermarkets, toy shops, everywhere, but each and every play set comes with yet another Peppa, and maybe another Mummy and/or George. There are sets with Grandparents and various other animals, but ... no Daddy Pig. Lara is really quite perturbed by this and has wandered round the aforementioned shops calling out "Daddy Pig, Daddy Pig, where are you?"; she continually searches the house asking the same; and husband thinks there is an anti-fatherhood conspiracy afoot. I've been searching high and low on the Internet too, but, as yet, to no avail. So now I too must ask, Daddy Pig, Daddy Pig, where are you?

Mummy, Peppa & George set sail to find Daddy Pig