Lara & Sophia's Mini Break

We've just had a lovely couple of days away, including the girls' very first stay in a hotel, or 'special house' as Lara described it.  We unexpectedly found ourselves with a bit of spare cash and I'm sure there were lots of very sensible ways we could have utilised it, but a little break seemed like the best idea, a kind of belated Mothers' Day weekend, so off we went.

It was a very last minute thing, but a quick Internet trawl found us a great cheap hotel room in Lyndhurst for Sunday night.  The New Forest is so lovely, and not too far away from home, but just far enough to feel 'away from it all', so it was ideal for a quick recharge of our batteries.  And thankfully, despite the doom-laden weather forecasts, we had sunshine for the whole weekend, and it wasn't too chilly.

We went back to Milford-on-Sea on Sunday, a childhood favourite of mine, and a place Lara loves for its toddler-friendly beachside playground.  Sophia even enjoyed her first ride on a swing on my lap:

Lara had her first ice cream cone - chocolate of course!  I think she must have charmed the cafe staff because her ice cream was twice the size of mine and Steve's!  She didn't quite get the edible container thing though and put her 'empty' cone in the bin!

Here are the before and after choccy ice cream pictures:

Lara coped incredibly well with being somewhere different for the night, although the novelty of having Mummy & Sophia in one double bed and Daddy in another did mean she bedhopped during the night!  You can read what she thought of her week here.

On Monday we trawled the charity shops and boutiques of Lymington, spent some time feeding the seagulls at the quay, and went to the clifftop at Barton-on-Sea where we watched some paragliders.  Not sure I could do it, but it looked amazing, very peaceful and relaxing.

It was so lovely to get away for a couple of days, leaving all the normal stuff behind, and taking time just to relax. We definitely need more of that!