Lara's Week in Tweets

A Week in Tweets number two, Lara's view of events this time...

Monday   Looked after sister while Mummy answered phone.  Covered her in nappy cream  #fun #mummyintraining

Tuesday   Distressing parents by saying "sweet!" about everything I think is good or interesting.  #Australian?!  #Essex?!

Wesdnesday   Decorated Easter bunnies at toddler group & found lots of eggs in Easter egg hunt  #yumyum

Thursday   Ate Chinese food with side order of toast and jam.  #interesting

Friday   Went shopping.  Demanded purple sunglasses too big for head.  Got them.  #sweet

Saturday   Sea breeze turned into sea gale at park.  Got hit on head by death slide.  #eggonhead  #tears  :o(

Sunday   Stayed in hotel for first time ever.  2 double beds, bedhopped between Mummy & Sophia and Daddy all night  #cosleepingisfun

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  1. This made me laugh outloud - especially the chinese food and getting the purple sunglasses. #sweet.

    Thanks for taking part :-)

    1. Thanks, hon. She's totally obsessed with the sunglasses now - looks like an ageing rockstar at night!


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