Queen of Sunglasses

Remember the sunglasses from this post?  Well these are they:

Little Miss Cool

and then it was time to beat Mummy up :o(

 Just another manic Sunday...

Actually I probably shouldn't (mis)quote song lyrics -
I heard a 24 year old on TV yesterday refer to 1987 as 'history'!!!!

Hmm, how old do I feel...

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  1. I love the Mr Tickle pj's...very cute!
    1987..History? oh my god I definitely feel old! I was well into my teens by then! x

    1. Yep, me too! That was 'O' levels year, I think we were the last ones to do them too. And old enough to remember Mr Tickle when he was new... :o)

  2. Replies
    1. Well that's it, I'm just not talking to you any more! ;o) Grr, young 'uns.


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