Reasons to be Cheerful

I LOVE this meme, such a fab idea.  It's so good to just sit back from time to time and think about why life is good, right now.  I'm as guilty as anyone of believing that if I just get this/do that/buy something else, life will be great.  And that completely detracts from the here and now, which is pretty great as it is.

I don't want to dwell on it, or go into it too much at the moment, but I have had a return of the black demon of depression this year, mainly due to the rather nasty behaviour of some members of Steve's family.  I'm coming out the other side, and Spring and blogging and many other things are helping with that, but it's very good for me to have to think, why am I happy, right here, right now?

My amazing husband and wonderful children and cats are, of course, reason enough, but let me try to be more specific.  My reasons to be cheerful from the past week, and right now, are:

1.  Seriously getting my blogging mojo on!  I can't believe how many posts I've completed this week, and what's more, people seem to be vaguely interested in what I have to say.  Feeling very pleased with myself!

2.  Our lovely family days out at London Zoo courtesy of Trunki; and Butlins courtesy of the lovely Phil.  We had a brilliant time at both, and Butlins was a very pleasant surprise.

3.  Lara making me laugh more than anyone else can.

4.  Managing to get away with a week's worth of food for less than a tenner!

5.  The lovely frame we received with Sophia's birth details on.  It reminded me of how amazing her birth was, and how lucky I was to have her at home with Lara and Steve beside me.

6. Making plans to see two of my closest friends over the Bank Holiday weekend next week, and another next Wednesday.

7.  The way Lara's language is developing and the lovely, cute things she says all day, as well how she loves and looks after her sister.  Plus the way Sophia looks at her so adoringly during her 'lessons'.

8.  My dear friend phoning just to ask how his soon-to-be Goddaughter is, despite his own current troubles.

9.  Finally, after 40 years, knowing people who look like me.  Being adopted is a weird thing in that way, and I never really thought about it until I had Lara.  But then, suddenly, here was someone who looked exactly like me, and it was nice.  A kind of belonging I'd never realised I wanted.

10.  The cuddles and kisses my beautiful little girl gives now.  I worried about her getting older, and mourned the passing of the newborn and then the other baby stages, but each new stage has brought a new kind of closeness too.  Now I get to relish the cuddles and kisses she suddenly dispenses just because. :o)

So that's my reasons to be cheerful this week, what are yours?

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  1. What lovely reasons! Sound like a lovely week! We haven't been to Butlins or London Zoo with our little one so I'll be keen to read your reviews.

    It's lovely to see the little ones already have such a strong bond xx

  2. Lovely reasons to be cheerful. I'm glad you've had such a good week. Sorry the depression returned but I'm glad it's starting to lift, the start of spring and longer brighter days always helps. Your daughters are beautiful

  3. Good reasons - i need a bit of no.4 too, definitely!
    having watched close friends/family suffer from the Black Dog in the past few years, sending positive vibes on your way out of this black spell. x

  4. Trunki day was on my list too! Was lovely to meet you there. Sounds like your gorgeous girls have a great relationship already!


  5. Sorry to hear you've been feeling low. Hope the longer days and some sunshine are helping. This list is a great idea, I need to make one for me! At the moment I'm happy about my redundancy payment and the fact that I'll have some time off in summer and hopefully a lovely new job before long. Plus, a Magnum which I'm about to eat right now. ;-) x

  6. What lovely reasons to be cheerful! I'm sorry to hear that you have been feeling low, and I hope that you are on the up and feeling more like yourself very soon x

  7. What a fabulous list, no shortage of good reasons there. Have a wonderful weekend. Mich x


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