Review: Bug in a Rug Wrap

You know that feeling you get every so often when you come across a product which you just know will make your life so much easier?  It's kind of a sense of relief, mixed with excitement and jubilation all at the same time.  It makes you want to punch the air and say, yes that's it!  Well I had just that feeling when I opened a parcel earlier this week.  What was it?  What was it?! you clamour to ask.  It was this:

A blanket?!  This is no ordinary blanket, oh no, this is the amazing Bug in a Rug.

This brilliantly versatile baby blanket is such a simple design, you just pop baby's legs in and then wrap one side over the other, although unfortunately our model wasn't keen on keeping her arms inside the wrap when she was lying down!  There is also a lovely cosy hood to pop over baby's head, with or without a hat underneath.

It is such a practical design and really easy to use.  The best bit is the built-in leg design allows you to move your baby to and from car seats, slings and carriers without being continualy wrapped and rewrapped.  Baby stays snug and comfy in the cosy polar fleece, and if necessary you can undo the velcro fastening to regulate temperature when you go indoors, or put baby down to sleep.

The Bug In A Rug blanket/wrap is described as 'The versatile Baby blanket for the modern mum on the move', and for once the advertising slogan is not just hyperbole.

Here you can see how the leg design allows a 5 point harness in a car seat to be locked without moving the blanket out of the way, and how baby can be wrapped up snugly in a carrier or sling.

We are keen babywearers and always had the problem with Lara, and now Sophia, of having to take them out of a cosy car seat, if the blanket hadn't fallen off in the back of the car that is, and then rewrap them in coats or snowsuits before putting them in the sling.  But no more!

With this fantastic design the blanket comes with the baby, so you can transfer them from car seat to sling without waking them - yippee!!

Let me say that bit again - without waking them up!

The Bug In A Rug comes in a wide variety of colours, and in small, medium and large sizes.  Sophia's Medium is just right for her at 3+ months.

Sophia absolutely loves her blanket, and - bear in mind we have only had it a few days - knows what to expect when we get it out, to the extent that she gets excited when she sees it!

How's this photo for a happy baby?!  (You do have to ignore the dribbly chin though, I think we could be getting early teeth :o\ )

Bug In A Rug is an Australian design, and is exclusively stocked in the UK by Baby Rug, who are lovely!  I suggest you head over to their website and buy one immediately!  The only problem is deciding which colour to choose...

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