Review by Misha: Whiskas Bite & Chew

Oh my!  Since Mummy started this blogging business she's been way too chained to that piece of machinery and hasn't given us nearly enough fuss and lap time.  Not happy kitties :o(  But last week it all became worth it as this little beauty arrived from the lovely people at Monster Pet Supplies:

This is me, Misha, guarding the goodies

Wow, a box of lovely things just for us!

We are HUGE fans of all things Whiskas, especially the Dreamies treats
(Taya's favourites), which now come in two flavour combinations like
Salmon & Cheese; Beef & Cheese and Chicken & Duck - YUM!

The best thing in the box though was new Whiskas Tasty Textures Bite'n'Chew.

These yummy new pouch meals are full of roughly chopped, chunky meaty pieces which are really chewy and great for biting, just like fresh meat.  There is also a kind of pate around the chunky bits, which Yuri thought was particularly delicious.

Yuri and Taya made short work of the Bite 'n' Chew while I jotted down some notes.
But I made sure to get in there before it was all gobbled up!

It's rare for us cats to get something which is both tasty and chewy, with the convenience of a packet meal but the right textures and consistency to appeal to our old hunter instincts.  Bite 'n' Chew satisfies all those needs - and its delicious!

Monster Pet Supplies is a fantastic one-stop online pet store, offering over 20,000 products and 5* service.

Thank you for our lovely box of goodies!

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  1. Loving the Dreamies Mix with the cat as a DJ on the mixing decks. Brill!

  2. Hi there! Very pleased that all you cats enjoyed your parcel! I think we may also be a tad jealous of the Double Decker Easter Egg lurking in the background of one of your pictures!

    Best wishes from us here at Monster

    1. Move along, nothing to see there! ;o)

      Thank you for the lovely goodies - Lily's Kitchen review coming soon too.

  3. Great review thanks - will look out for these for my cats!

  4. All our cats love Dreamies!

  5. Thanks for the review. Great up to date information for animal lovers and :- Their friends and family. As I find that many like to include pets at Christmas etc. It isn't always easy for those without pets to choose presents for family / friend's pets. Yet the gifts if appropriate are much appreciated.

    Rachel Craig


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