Review: Personalised Peppa Pig Book

Lara was absolutely thrilled to receive a personalised Peppa Pig book from the lovely people at Penwizard yesterday morning.  Penwizard offer a range of different books, all of which can be personalised to feature your child with their favourite character or football team.

The football teams are: Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester Utd and Liverpool, or one which can feature your child playing for any team of your choosing - these are a dream gift for many boys (and dads!)

The characters currently available are: Peppa Pig, Roary the Racing Car, Noddy, Fifi and the Flowertots, and the gorgeous Me to You teddy bear.  There are also books about generic knights, wizards and princesses, and a Christmas story, so Penwizard offer something for every child.

Lara's book is about her second birthday and has a lovely story about inviting Peppa and George to her party, which involves Mummy and Daddy Pig and a host of other characters.

After you have chosen which book you'd like to personalise, you create a little avatar of the child with the right hair colour, hairstyle and eye colour, who then features in the book alongside their favourite character.

Lara's favourite pages are the one where she sends Peppa and George an invitation to her birthday party, especially as she is now starting to recognise her name in print; and the page which features all of Peppa's friends at her birthday party.  That one really puts a big smile on her face!

I was very impressed with the quality of the book, and the speedy delivery, and would definitely recommend these books as a lovely gift for your child.  Penwizard can also be found on Facebook.

I think the first page which is personalised with your own message to the child makes them a particularly lovely keepsake too.

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  1. Sounds like a fab gift. Anything that encourages children to love books is a plus! Peppa Pig certainly has some pulling power doesn't she?!
    PS: thanks for submitting to my linky. I'll be doing it every week so make sure you keep posting them up! Thanks Michelle (mummyratesit)

  2. This looks great!

    There's a competition over on at the moment where you can win a family ticket to Peppa Pig World. Thought you may be interested to know!


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