Sophisticated Chit Chat

In the last few days Lara has started teaching Sophia about the world.  Just now, as I write, she's on the balcony gardening with Sophia sat just inside watching her, all wrapped up in blankets in a baby chair.  Lara is showing her leaves, plants, watering cans, mud etc and carefully explaining what everything is.

Last night she sat next to Sophia on the sofa explaining the intricacies of Waybuloo.  Beyond how proud and loved up it makes me feel as her mummy, it has set me thinking how much Lara's language has come on in just the past month or two.

Around Christmas-time we were marvelling at how many new words, mostly nouns, she was coming out with each day, and desperately tried to keep track of them.  Then, just before her second birthday at the end of February, she started forming complete sentences.

Now Lara amazes us continually with what she comes out with.  For instance, I've just heard her telling Daddy that "There jobs to do here" as she busies about on the balcony with her gardening.

Here's a few more of her current favourites:

"How-a-doin' bubby/Mummy/Daddy?"  with the first part all as one word, to see how we are.

"What's that s-oww-nd?"  whenever she hears an interesting noise.

"It's raining owwt-side."  with heavy emphasis on the 'ow' sound.

"It's pasta time!!" very excitedly as we cooked, and then, "Happy days, Daddy. Yummy pasta!" when she sat down for dinner on Tuesday night.

"Cup-a-tea" said excitedly all together whenever I have one; and then she has to get a cup from her kitchen and do "Cheers!", complete with clinking gesture.

The wonderful world of toddlers, and it'll all be new again tomorrow.  I love it!