Project 366: Day 31

Lara at the Playground

We tried out a new toddler group this morning.

It sounded promising on paper, but it was one of those where everyone turns round and glares at the strangers as you walk through the door.  Full of rough kids fighting and mums ignoring their offspring.

We walked out after 5 minutes & decamped to the playground instead.  Far more enjoyable!

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  1. That sounds terrible and the park sounds like much more fun. cute pic x

  2. I am a huge fan of parks and outdoors generally and sadly not a huge fan of toddler groups! She is so gorgeous; amazing eyes!

  3. Definitely sounds like the park was the better idea - I hate it when you turn up to groups & it is so obvious that there is a clique!

  4. I know, what is that all about?! Sometimes the mums are so unwelcoming, it's very strange. I'm glad you all prefer the outdoor option too.

    I feel guilty sometimes that we don't go to all these groups, but Lara's happy enough. Much prefers freedom and outdoors, even in the rain!

    We do go to a few groups though, like dance, gymnastics and La Leche League, and she goes to one toddler group with Daddy while I take Sophia to a singing thing. I'm sure it's enough really, just mumma guilt (again!!)

    Thanks for your lovely comments, ladies.

  5. Well done you for sticking to yur instincts. Some things are not meant to be. The park lots lots of fun on the other hand. Please join me on Country Kids too

  6. I hate toddler groups, I much prefer play dates with mums that I know I can relate too. X

  7. Lovely pic! I agree, good (welcoming) playgroups can be difficult to find sometimes. Once you've found one though, you're sorted! In the meantime, outdoor play is ace! :)


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