Name Day Party

Lara's Name Day was during Easter weekend, so we decided to wait until the end of April to celebrate it, alongside mine.  There were presents, which Lara made short work of opening, of course.
I was rather pleased with my bargain 97p Tesco wrapping paper - very shabby chic!

Lara's presents were a Peppa Pig caravan/camping set; a dolly with clothes, carrycot etc;and some other little bits and bobs.

The best news was that we finally got a Daddy Pig!!!

We decided to have a joint 'tea party', and Lara chose all the food.  She chose her favourite cheese & pickle sandwiches; Pringles and crisps, predictably; chocolate cake; and her favourite 'pink cakes' from Morrisons.  These have strawberry milkshake flavoured icing and are rather scrummy, I must admit.  The only problem is that Lara only eats the icing part, so we spent the following few days finding all these decapitated little cakes lying around.  (Mummy and Daddy also had wine :o)

Lara enjoying her Name Day party

We had a great time playing with Lara's new toys, chatting and messing around.  It was a really lovely family day.

And me?  A new handbag 'voucher' when we get time for Steve to take me to the shops.