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The other day a beautifully-wrapped package arrived, addressed to Sophia.  Not only did it look beautiful, all done up in lovely scrunchy tissue paper, but it smelt gorgeous too - all new baby sweet.  It turns out this is the default delivery standard of wonderful baby clothes company, The Essential One.

The scent is their own in-house baby fragrance, handmade from the finest, non-harmful, non-allergenic ingredients.  Not only is it delightful to open up a package that smells so good, it is also indicative of the kind of beautiful quality you will find within the parcel.

Daddy's girl all-in-one

The clothes are absolutely beautiful, made of the softest cotton, and all embroidery is backed so as to be comfortable against baby's delicate skin, and all poppers are nickel-free.  These are really high quality baby garments, but start at a very reasonable price.

The best thing about The Essential One is that they focus on just that - the essentials.  I've written before about how difficult it is to know exactly what, and what not, to buy before your baby is born.  Most baby clothing companies will happily supply you with a lengthy list of clothes you simply must buy for your new bundle, and it can be very tempting to indulge in all the sweet little outfits.

The focus of their product range is beautiful cosy pramsuits, and buttery soft cotton sleepsuits and bodysuits/vests, just the things that you really need for a newborn.  Brilliantly, most of the clothes also come in neutral colours for those of us who choose not to find out the variety in advance!

5 pack Baby Bodysuits in lemon

However, these 'basics' are far from basic, and come with delightful touches like the little drawstring bag the vests came in, which is ideal for bits and bobs in the nursery or changing bag and, featuring their trademark bunny print, just so cute!

This is my favourite of the bodysuits

Since we received these lovely items, they have been worn and worn.  They are just such lovely quality, and so soft and snuggly on Sophia.  You know that squiggly wriggly thing babies do when they're wearing something really comfy?  LOTS of that!

Here's Sophia modelling the versatility of her all-in-one, asleep and awake!

Appropriate motto for where she's sleeping!

I am so impressed with this company, both for its friendliness and its service, but more importantly for its philosophy and its beautiful products.

I thoroughly recommend shopping online at The Essential One for gorgeous baby clothes from newborn up to 12 months - and what a perfect gift for any new or expectant mummy!

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  1. Aw she is so gorgeous and would look lovely in anything! Those outfits are very very cute x


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