Review: Galt Toys Farm Playnest

Last week, as a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Network, we were sent a lovely Galt Toys Farm Playnest to review.  Lara had played in a similar toy at Granny and Grandad's when she was small, so we had been eagerly anticipating its arrival.

Sophia is, somewhat unbelievably, nearly five months old now, and is desperately trying to sit up.  The inflatable playnest really helps as we can prop her up against the side so she can watch what everyone else is up to, whilst at the same time feeling part of things and being able to stretch out.

Sophia has quite happily played in the comfy 'nest', which is an inflatable ring with a washable cover,
for short periods of time, and at the moment we can fit several toys in there with her.

She seems to really like it, and it frees me up a bit to do crafts or other hands-on things with Lara on the floor, whilst keeping Sophia close by and entertained.  Although watching her sister is great entertainment too!

Lara has enjoyed interacting with Sophia in the playnest, and has carefully shown, and talked her through, all the little features integral to he cover, such as a squeaky duck bill, crinkly door-like flaps, and a wiggly horse's tail.

Sophia loves the bright colours, and has rolled over onto her tummy a couple of times to get a closer look:

This is definitely a useful toy to have as it gives baby a safe, comfortable and fun place to play,
although personally I feel it should always be under supervision, and not for a long period of time.

Galt Toys suggests the playnest is suitable from birth, but I would say about 3-4 months on is a better approximation.

I'm sure the playnest will come into its own for us over the next couple of months as Sophia gets steadier with her sitting and begins to explore toys more.

I would definitely recommend this toy, but I would prefer it to have a more natural, cotton-based cover, as the nylon one could feel a bit sweaty and unpleasant in this hot weather.  That is my only criticism though, so 8/10.

Oh, and it is also popular with other members of our household as a rather cosy bed:

The Galt Toys Farm Playnest is widely available, from Amazon, Tesco, Woolworths & Ocado online, and retails at around £30.

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