Sunday in the Park (No George)

We went to one of our local parks today, on the now eternal quest for muddy puddles!  We are very lucky to have the beach a couple of minutes' walk away, lots of nearby playgrounds, and two large parks within walking distance.

This park is half grass and half-wooded, and has lots of squirrels, crows and pigeons who are accustomed to being fed, and will come right up to you.  Lara runs after them all calling, "Wait me!  Wait me!", sometimes they do...

Sometimes they don't...

There is a wildlife pond area for the ducks (and seagulls); a small boating lake; a couple of cafes; a large playground; and a little train which does circuits round.  It's just brilliant for children, especially as they can run free in all the open space.  Lara loves it!

Mummy got to try a few arty shots too :)

I love the yellow of these buttercups, all the rain has obviously done the plants a power of good.  I can't believe it's still so cold though, and nearly the end of May.  We've still got the heating on!  This summer had better make an appearance soon!