This Morning

Our friend and neighbour died today.  She was only in her mid-60s.  She loved cats, hers and ours; her grandchildren; pottering into the shops in town; her friends; TV reality shows; our children; walking along the sea front; and her happy life.  She died this morning.

The cancer came at Christmas, although it had probably been growing for a while.  Then she had a stroke, a bad one.  They took her away.  Last week, she was very weak.  This morning, she died.

Her, apparently temporary, loss from the next door to us, has been difficult and sad.  It is strange not to hear her in the corridor; or to wave to her on her balcony or at her windows; not to be able to stop and chat about life, cats, children.  Her loss from our lives permanently will be harder to bear.

I don't want to know about perceived slights today, about apparent criticisms that aren't there, nor about Twitter bitching, or disparaging comments.  Today I want to remember a wonderful person who lived and is now lost.  To grieve.

Trish died today.  The grey skies and drizzle are appropriate.  Listening to others' complaints and bitchiness on here are not.

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