Chalfont St Giles

We decided it was worth trying to dodge the rain clouds this morning and head out en famille to feed the ducks in Chalfont St Giles.

Despite being only 20 miles or so from London, the Chilterns villages of South Bucks manage to maintain a certain country and olde worlde charm.  Chalfont St Giles, home of John Milton's Cottage, is a lovely old-fashioned village, full of red brick houses, small independent shops and tea rooms, and has a very traditional village pond, always well-populated by ducks.

Lara had great fun feeding the ducks, and they seemed to appreciate it - especially as they got given an entire loaf in the end!  (Toddler exuberance.)

However, we didn't manage to dodge all the rain clouds, and got caught in a rather huge shower.  Luckily, a weeping willow provided refuge - and fascinated Sophia.

We then had a wander round the village and into the church yard where Lara was fascinated with the grave of a poor babe who died at 9 months of age in 1934.  We presume her siblings must still be tending the grave, as it looked so lovely decked out in red and white and blue flowers and a little windmill.  Lara was really fascinated with it, and so respectful when we explained in a toddler-friendly way what it was for.


I don't know about you, but I find graveyards neither mawkish nor macabre, and actually feel that they are quite relaxing places, which I enjoy wandering around.  I love looking at all the old graves and discerning the local family names and how generations of families have intermingled through the centuries.  I also love how the older the stones get, the more they subside and become a part of the Earth and Nature itself.  A fitting tribute indeed to their residents.  Here are some of the graves I particularly liked in Chalfont St Giles churchyard.

I love the architecture of the church too, which includes some lovely wooden and stone carving.  Both Lara and Sophia were fascinated by the different, contrasting textures.

And from the sublime to the secular, I thought this little pub window box was rather cute!

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