Fun in the Park with Lydia

Today we met up with a local friend who has a daughter a few months older than Lara.

The girls had great fun running round the park, climbing on the exercise equipment, and playing on the zip wire, despite their rather diminutive size!

Lara thinks Lydia is pretty fab, and kept calling "Wait me, Liddy, I coming!" as she chased after her.  VERY cute!

Lara has been talking about 'Liddy' all morning, we definitely need to meet up with them more.  Great fun for Lara to have someone local her own age, and good for Mummy to have a chat too!

Thank you for a fun afternoon, Adele & Lydia xx

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  1. Perfect for you and Lara to have company at the park. I hope you will meet again. Some of my closest friends still are from when my children were this age. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids


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