Day in London

Yesterday we went into London to another Christmas in July event, where we met Raa Raa the Noisy Lion and Lara had lots of fun playing with some new Charley Bear, RaaRaa and Everything's Rosie toys.

We then headed round the corner into Bayswater for a pub lunch, before the rain began to fall in torrents!  The pub was decked out for the Olympics in all its finery, and looked very festive.  The girls were both starving so we were very glad the food was served quickly!

Dodging rain showers we decided to go into Hyde Park, where the girls had fun feeding bread to the birdds in the Serpentine.  At least they didn't mind getting wet!

We then followed the Princess of Wales Memorial path towards the water feature created in her memory.  I hadn't been before, so was interested to see it, and Lara wasted no time getting stuck in!

It's July but because of the ghastly summer we're having, the water was absolutely freezing!  Although Lara and her newly made Spanish friend didn't seem to mind!!

Then there was nothing else for it but to get shoes and socks off and get in there properly, freezing cold or not!

Lara had a whale of a time in the water and got absolutely drenched, but even she drew the line when the rain started pouring down again, and climbed out.

We sheltered under a tree for a while before heading back to the car to get everyone changed into clean, dry clothes.  Lara really enjoyed squishing back through the mud too, whilst Sophia just looked completely shocked that she could get this wet without even going in the bath!!

We will definitely go back to the Diana Garden though, but preferably on a hot sunny day!!

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