Kellogg's #ColourMeInRK Challenge

Lara is just starting to get into arts and crafts in a BIG way, and has her own set of Mister Maker 'Doodle Drawers' in the kitchen with all her bits and pieces in, which she adores.  We were therefore absolutely delighted when we were chosen to take part in the BritMums Colour Me In Rice Krispies challenge, in association with Kellogg's.

I purposely didn't tell Lara about the challenge, so when a mystery box arrived, she was very excited.  Upon finding a huge box of Rice Krispies and a lovely huge caseful of colouring pens, pencils and glitter glues inside, she was absolutely beside herself!

The special limited edition 'Colour me in' boxes are in store now, and come in eight different variants, fantastic if, like most parents, you are always on the look out for new fun colouring and crafting ideas.  These boxes are a brilliant idea , especially with the well-known cute Rice Krispie characters, which are so fun - not to mention the yummy contents!

The timing is perfect too, with this ghastly weather which, despite our best efforts, is keeping us all indoors for far longer than we'd like, and the school holidays upon us.

Lara soon set to with her new treasure chest of colours and, as always seems to happen when you need it, I couldn't find the camera!!  So this was the first photo I got, with the already begun creation:

But our pint-sized two year old artist wasn't happy with that, oh no, there was much, much more to be done...

This was Lara's masterpiece two thirds of the way through, just before the glitter glues came out...

And here's the artist, still hard at work:

And finally - the finished product, complete with added pom poms, jewels, and a super silver star, Lara's favourite that she'd been saving up for a special project! (pointed out below)

So what do you think?  Pretty good for someone 28 months old I think, as the artist herself is fond of saying at the moment - taadahhh!!!

Our next job is cooking with them... :o)

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