Parenting Prompt

This week's prompt has triple meaning.  It is for all those I know, even in the most fleeting online way, who are going through tough times at the moment.  It is for me and Steve in our current financial difficulties.

But, above all, it is for us all as parents, for us to remember that our words will become our child's inner voice in adulthood.  Let's make sure it's a positive one, not a 'you're this, you're that' carping, criticising, negative one.

This week tell yourself, and your children, that everything will turn out as it will but you will be OK, because you are strong and unique and wonderful.

Have a lovely week everyone, Lx

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  1. Aww that's beautiful hun, I hope you don't mind but I've saved this x

  2. I love this and we so live by it without ever seen it before thank you xxx


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