The Day That...

A couple of weeks ago I saw a fantastic competition to win a beautiful framed photograph from The Day That.  I first came across Gavan and his wonderful business three years ago, and their lovely photos, taken on the Cornish coast every morning since 2005, have been top of my wish list ever since.  The competition asks us to choose one day, one special, significant day, and a photo which sums up all the emotions and experiences that went with it.

The day Steve asked me to marry him and the day, a year to the day later, we got married were strong contenders, especially with our wedding anniversary being next week, but another day stood head and shoulders above.  So I have finally decided on my day and my photo, and it's the one above.

This is 25th February 2010, a few hours after Lara finally made her way into the world following a rather gruelling 28 hour labour.  And here I am, united at last with the daughter I had longed for for so many years, the daughter who was always going to be Lara, although I had begun to doubt, at the age of 38, that she would ever be born.

This was also, having been adopted as a baby, the first time I had ever met anyone who was related to me by blood, not that I think that especially important, since blood relatives can destroy just as easily as they can cherish.  But to go your whole life never knowing anyone who looks like you, or shares your genes, is rather strange when everyones else around you has at least one blood relation.

It was a day of firsts, undoubtedly; a day of love, a day of elation and joy, of exhaustion and a bit of pain.  A day of strangeness, but uncanny familiarity.

But more than that, this was the day that my life changed for ever more, the day I felt the strongest maternal love effervesce like a volcano, the day that I met someone I had known for as long as I could remember, but who had as yet never existed, the day that I became 'Mummy'.

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