Meet The Entertainer Event

Last week we ventured back to my home turf in leafy Bucks to attend a lovely event at The Entertainer.  If you don't know this fab toy shop, you soon will as it is growing exponentially at the moment, with one new shop opening every month!  They now have 60 shops in the UK and stocks thousands of products online too.

Started by husband and wife team Gary and Catherine Grant in 1981, when they opened a local toy shop in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, The Entertainer is now the biggest independent toy retailer in the UK.  The Entertainer prides itself on that 30 years experience, and are experts in what kids love, with a winning combination of fair prices and excellent customer service making them a favourite with mums and dads too.

Not only do they offer great value, but there is a strong recycling and environmental ethic, a high proportion of profits given to charity and a belief that the toys they sell should have real play value, represent good value for money and be suitable for the children they're made for.

But back to our lovely day, as soon as we arrived the children were welcomed into a paradise of toys, and there was no holding either of them back!

I may have mentioned (more than once!) Lara's fascination with those little northern imps, the CloudBabies.  She absolutely loves the show, and has seen the newly released toys online, and seriosuly coveted them.  I can't even begin her excitement and delight when she spotted the Vivid Toys stand, where they had the CloudBabies house, in the flesh!!

She was SO excited, and shouted their name.  The girls from Vivid's marketing department kindly let Lara play with the house and she LOVED it!  Guess what's top of Lara's Christmas list...

The rest of their table was pretty exciting too, having Moshi Monster play sets, a Fruby type creature, a walkable pony and much, much more!

Thee new Moshi Monsters play sets are very cool, and Lara spent ages walking them all up and down the stairs, great fun.

Then Lara went to the face painting lady, where she made rather interesting use of the paints!

Amidst all the grown up talking, the playing and not to mention the eating, I got to finally meet the lovely MS Mummy of Two, Chelsea, and her partner and lovely daughter.  Here's Lara playing with lovely Pops and Hello Kitty in the foyer:

We also went on a tour of the warehouse, or fulfilment centre as these things are now known, where Lara wasn't entirely convinced about wearing a yellow safety jacket, but gave in in the end!  It was perhaps a little big though...

We tried to explain to Lara that all those boxes contained lots and lots of toys, but I'm not sure we could get our heads round it really!  Lara's only reaction to the room was a wide-eyed 'wow!'  I think if I worked here, I would feel like Father Christmas!!

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