The Perfect Holiday for a Toddler

We recently went on our first family holiday, and had a whale of a time!  It is sometimes difficult to remember the important things in life as an adult, and even more difficult to remember what is important for a two year old.  So while Steve and I were worrying about whether we could afford to go here or there, or to do this or that, Lara's requirements and expectations were far simpler.

Of course, it turns out that Lara's idea of the perfect holiday didn't require much money, just lots of fun, her family, and some imagination.  Here are the essential elements of the perfect holiday, according to a two year old:

Sand to dig in, even on a cold, dark early Autumn day

A carousel to ride on

Buttons to press and dancing to do!  (No gambling was done in the making of this video)

Random town signs to roll down - thanks Morecambe!

Puddles to jump in, preferably muddy and very, very deep!

Mud sculptures to make - this is Peppa Pig, complete with grass arms and legs:

Watching classic films for the first time

Sheep to chat to - or be ignored by!  Horses to feed

Picnics with Peppa and spotting Grampy Rabbit's Lighthouse

Lots and lots of ice cream

Piers to walk on and benches to sit on

Seeing people you don't see often enough - Mummy & Daddy heartily agree with this one, and also wonder if Uncle Paul has a portrait in his attic Dorian Gray style.

Berries to forage, even if they weren't always ripe!

Mini-beasts and plants to study

Rainbows to catch

A sister to play with

Long walks to go on, even if you end up being carried!

Somewhere new and exciting to 'live'

Finishing the day slightly grubby, exhausted, but very happy!

 And the rest of us?  We just went along for the ride!

And the giggles, and the cuddles, and the fun!

Although some of us found it all too much - ssshh...

Thank you people of Lancashire, especially Cockerham Sands and Blackpool, for our lovely holiday.

Oh, and the end result of all this oop northness + liberal watching of Cloudbabies, is that Lara now says "in't it" - with proper accent and everything!  Hilarious.

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