Eating Out With Kids: Little Chef (Review)

It may not be the most obvious vegetarian choice, but I just love a cooked breakfast!  Veggie version obviously, but apart from that, full English.  Luckily, the other three members of the household feel the same, so we often pop out for breakfast, especially if we have a big day ahead of us.

One such day was last Friday, we were off on a little holiday (more of which later), so decided to set ourselves up with a nice big brekkie.  Luckily, Little Chef had invited us to visit them for a meal, a very happy coincidence!

After running around packing last minute bits into the car, and bundling the sleeping children in at the last minute, we headed up the road to our nearest Little Chef, at Fontwell.  You may remember the irrepressible Heston Blumenthal getting his hands on the Little Chef reins four years ago in the Channel 4 documentary Big Chef Meets Little Chef.  Since then "it’s been a rollercoaster of menu make-overs and culinary triumphs", with 14 new look restaurants now open.  Fontwell is one of these, and very stylish it is too:

The menus have been overhauled and updates too, but there's still no fuss and pretence, just good honest fare, cooked fresh to order.  The perfect family fuelling pit stop.  You can also now take away anything on the menu, just in case you are in too much of a rush to stop!

We were greeted cheerily at Fontwell, and Lara was given a pot of crayons and menu.  A very welcome pot of proper tea (Yorkshire, mmm) and cup of coffee (Lavazza) promptly appeared as we browsed the menu.

We were all very hungry so breakfast was duly ordered, although we found out that we could have ordered anything, as the whole menu is available all day - a great idea for those travelling at odd times of day or night.

We stuck with the traditional idea of breakfast though, and meat-eating Steve opted for the Olympic, a huge breakfast at a reasonable £7.49, while I had the veggie version of the Early Starter for just £5.99, with an extra of mushrooms.  Both meals were freshly cooked, hot and delicious.

The Vegetarian Early Starter

The Olympic
Sophia has taken to eating with gusto in the past few weeks, so we ordered both girls a vegetarian children's breakfast, at £3.99 each.  Lara loved that her baked beans came in a little pot with toast soldiers to dunk in, and really enjoyed eating her 'soup' as she dubbed it.  She also dipped her toast soldiers in her egg yolk, something she doesn't normally eat, so that was a result!  Sophia happily tucked into her veggie sausage and some of Lara's, some egg, toast and beans.

Lara's conclusion was that her breakfast was 'yummy', and the rest of us were more than content too, and certainly read for our busy day.  Needless to say, after that feast, we didn't need to eat much else before dinner that evening!  This is the devastated table we left behind.  A good time had by all, as they say!

We were really impressed with the service at Little Chef, the menu, the decor, and the food.  Certainly worth another look if you haven't been to Little Chef for a while, and just perfect for a fuel up before a busy day, or refuel on your way!

Thank you to Little Chef for our delicious breakfast, and their friendly, smiley service.

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