Dear Father Christmas...

Lara has written her very first letter to Father Christmas, or rather she has dictated it to me.  Here, aided and abetted by far too many television commercials, is what's top of the list for a two year old, in her very own words.

"Dear Father Christmas,

Hello, how are you?  I am Lara.  I would like for my Christmas:

- Peppa Pig treehouse;

- Playmobil swimming pool;

- Cloudbabies house;

- dog that wees, it's funny; [Baby Born Interactive Golden Retriever]

- sandwiches would be nice, and bananas;

- Horrid Henry DD [sic];

- Shaker Maker;

- dancing Mickey Mouse; [Master Moves Mickey]

- Cicciobello doll to play;

- I like cars;

- chocolate and chocolate biscuits;

- Mummy wants blue one, I like pink one, camera; [VTech Kidizoom]

- computer; [VTech Innotab]

- Minnie Mouse pets car;

- Mike Knight house;

- Moshi Monsters house;

- scooter;

- a bike;

- dollies' house;

- Lego bricks;

- Hello Kitty toys like house and bus, it's nice.

Thank you.  I love you too.

From, Lara."

Wow, what a list!!  Well, we've managed some of it anyway, plus some other surprises, and forgotten abouts.  Luckily Lara's birthday is in February, so the rest will have to come then!  I'm not sure why there are quite so many different houses on there either...

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