Our New Additions!

I'd like to introduce you to our new babies:

Yep, we've gone crazy and got two more fur babies!  They are Bengal cross females about 21 weeks old, and have been named by Lara after her two favourite TV cats: Jess on the left, and Poppy on the right!

Both are thriving and eating everything in sight (literally - Peppa Pig cakes the other day, oops!), but unfortunately have a dose fo fleas, so we need to get rid of those little blighters before we introduce them to the rest of the cats.

Both girls are absolutely beautiful, and have amazing tiger and leopard type markings.  I'll try to get some decent pictures soon!

Looks like we'll have an interesting Christmas with a soon-to-be crawling baby, a rampaging toddler, and 5 mad cats!!!  The poor tree doesn't stand much of a chance...

Wish us luck!

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  1. 5 cats, and i thought we were mad having 3. I can see why you had to have them though, they are beautiful! I wouldn't have been able to say no either. Xx

  2. Yep. You'll definitely need the luck! :) Fun times ahead, though!!!

  3. Try Advocate for the fleas - our cat was immune to Frontline and Advocate is also a wormer as well as a de-flea. The last thing you want is a flea infestation! We had one once. A neighbours kitten wandered in with fleas - she was only in the house 5 minutes but that was all it took - within days the whole house was ridden with them. We had to smoke bomb every room in the house (which means moving out for 48hours) and throw away anything that couldn't be washed at 90 degrees! Awful.

  4. I was about to say 'wow' at getting two cats and two kids but FIVE cats! They are extremely cute and I dare not show them to my two kids or they'll be tears before bedtime about how we don't have pets!
    Enjoy and good luck. x

  5. Awww how adorable :) But yes maybe a little mad, I have enough trouble with two cats! x


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