Happy 3rd Birthday Laroushka!

My beautiful little baby is 3 years old today!

Our first gorgeous daughter, the love of my life, Lara Alice Mary Ann
was born at 1.42am on Thursday 25th February 2010, weighing 7lb,
in St Richard's Hospital, Chichester after a marathon 28 hour labour!

Here is her life in pictures...

A few hours old

6 weeks old at Auntie Hiromi & Uncle Stephen's wedding, April 2010
3 months old

4 months old
Christening with Aunte Danielle, one of her lovely Godmothers,
August 2010, 6 months

7 months

My mini me!  November 2012, 8 months

First Christmas, 10 months old

First Christmas, Boxing Day 2010

First birthday
April 2011, 14 months

A special cuddle for Mummy's birthday, August 2011 Keyhaven, 17 months

Starting co-sleeping early, October 2010, 19 months

Second Christmas, 22 months
Baby sister arrives!  22 months

Second birthday, with Uncle Iain and Zach

Making Auntie Sarah laugh, second birthday party

April 2012, 26 months
July 2012, 28 months

First family holiday, Lancashire September 2012, 30 months

Wonder and anticipation at the theatre for Ben & Holly,
November 2012, 32 months

Third Christmas in beautiful Cashmirino dress, 34 months
At Butlins with friends and sister, February 2013, days away from being 3!

Sisterly love!

Happy Birthday, darling girl!
Thank you for making every day wonderful,
with your love, humour and beauty.

All our love, always,
Mummy, Daddy, Sophia,
Yuri, Taya, Misha, Poppy & Jess.

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  1. Happy 3rd Birthday Lara, hope you have a wonderful Birthday!

    Leta she is so cute! Hope you had a great time at Butlins! x

  2. Happy birthday, krasotulechka! Love the photos! A beautiful girl, mama and papa must be so proud. :)


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