Review: Toddlebike

We were recently sent the Toddlebike to review and Lara has been having a brilliant time on it.  Designed for indoor or outdoor use, this is a unique first bike, designed to be the stage before a balance bike.  The wheels are quite narrow and the structure is so lightweight that toddlers have to balance their weight on it to keep upright and make it go.  It took Lara less than an hour to get the balance right.  The Toddlebike weighs less than 1kg and is suitable for children aged 18-36 months.

Although Lara is now at the 36 months mark, she is small for her age so fits comfortably on the Toddlebike.  She has been hurtling up and down the drive, and along the promenade as often as we'll let her, and generally having a brilliant time on it!  Sophia has had a go on the Toddlebike a few times, with us half holding/half pushing her, but I'm sure she will gain confidence on it in a few months' time and be hurtling about as much as Lara is now!

Taking the Toddlebike out and about is dead easy because it is so light, and it easily clips on to the buggy using a Buggy Buddy when not in use.  It would also fit underneath our buggy if needs be, but of course many baskets are very small these days.  It also fits easily behind the passenger seat in the car and doesn't get in the way of the children's legs either.  A great little bike for taking out and about, taking on holiday etc.

Toddlebike is priced at £21.95


  1. First I have come across the Toddlebike.

    Rachel Craig


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