Lara's Third Birthday

Lara had a wonderful third birthday, with lots of presents, fun with the family, a completely Lara-led day, birthday tea, and TWO cakes!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who sent lovely cards and presents for her.  Auntie Kim, the Hello Kitty house is still top dollar and the first thing she plays with every morning; Uncle Paul, the gorgeous and much-loved yellow 'this is my Uncle Paul cardigan' had to be prised off to be washed this week!!; Auntie Hiromi, the Ben & Holly book and Peppa Pig DVD are in constant use; and Auntie Danielle, the Sylvanians go everywhere with us!

As well as the above-mentioned, there was much rejoicing over a vast collection of Tree Fu Tom toys; Peppa Pig theme park toys; Tommy Zoom DVD; Ben & Holly play sets; lots of Playmobil; a beautiful ballerina rag doll from Laura Ashley, and much more!

We started the day with pastries (with candles in!) followed by a cooked breakfast at Lara's request, and then we began our Lara-directed day.  We went to the beach, the pier, into town, and to the playground.  Lots of fun, followed by 'party tea' and the highly exciting two cakes - one Peppa Pig and one chocolate.

Surprise trips to Peppa Pig World and Drusilla's to follow when the weather's a bit warmer!!

Here's Lara's day in pictures:

Present mountain

Loving the Toddlebike - review here

Chilly but loving being pushed by birthday sister on the swing!

Having a go on all the rides at the pier!

TWO cakes!!

Happy birthday beautiful girl!


  1. Lovely photos of the lovely party! Lara looks very happy.

  2. Wow, what a lucky young lady! It sounds like an absolutely lovely day - and more to come, even better :)


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