My Mother's Day 2013

Mother's Day last year was a bit of a non-event due to a major Black Dog episode, amongst other things, so this year Steve was determined to make it a good one!  It started off with a flower delivery presented by my darling Lara.

"Happy Mummy's Day, Mummy!"


This was followed by what was supposed to be breakfast in bed, but became breakfast in the sofa!  Still lovely though, and with my favourite big trumpet daffodils, almond croissant, and a perfect cup of tea.

Lovely cards from everyone, with Lara choosing the Hello Kitty one and Sophia the 'From your little girl' cat one - very cute!  Can't wait till they can write things in themselves, but scribbles are good too!

Then we set off fro the New Forest for the day.  It was absolutely freezing cold, so everyone was bundled up against the elements!  The girls were very happy to see lots of New Forest ponies, and other assorted wildlife, not to mention about fifty dogs being walked!

We had our first picnic of the year, although due to the cold it ended up being a car-nic instead!  Sophia was very impressed with the pink iced shortbread piggy lollies Daddy had picked up in Sainsbury's, and kept waving it around saying "Look, look!"

After lunch, we headed down to Milford-on-Sea for a bracing walk along the beach and some time in Lara's favourite playground.  We needed to warm up after that ny excuse!), so headed off for a late afternoon tea before driving home.  Totally forgot to take a pic of the scones, shortbread and cake before it was scoffed - sorry!!

So that was my lovely day, a far cry from last year thank goodness!!  How was your Mother's Day?


  1. Awww lovely! Beautiful flowers. Glad you had a good one and yay for car-nic's. Lets hope the weather warms up soon, I am longing for spring, so much! x

    1. Thank you. Spring is being a right tease at the moment, with those few warm, sunny days and then back to snow! Hopefully it will sort itself out soon... Lx

  2. Some lovely photos in there, it has been so bitterly cold but equally refreshing to get out and enjoy some fresh air. Your day looks wonderful.

  3. Fab flowers and gifts! (and your DH is very handsome too, looks like a romantic hero out of a novel ;)

  4. Looks like you were really spoilt! Love the picture of your little girl carrying the flowers!


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