Pregnancy Diary: Week 6 - Symptoms & Questions

So we're pregnant.  Woohoo!  Just 6 weeks in, so very early days but we're all very excited, Lara especially.  She is going round telling anyone who will listen that there is a baby in Mummy's tummy, and keeps telling Steve too, just in case I hadn't mentioned it!  The only problem is that she wants a new baby tomorrow, not in several months time!!  It'll be a lovely Christmas present though!

Having gone through it all twice before, you would think I'd be able to spot the earliest of signs - bloating, tiredness, loose teeth, salt cravings, vivid dreams etc.  Exactly what happened twice before, but nope didn't notice.  Then I took a test which was negative, so assumed it was a no go this month.  Still no period a week later, a second test, and yippee!!  Bub is due 6th December, although with Lara 5 days early and Sophia 2 weeks late, we treat that date rather flexibly!

At the moment it is a tiny little tadpole thing, with a closing spinal cord and little paddle hands.  It is probably still an it as the hormonal surge that may or may not create a boy could occur any time between 4 and 8 weeks.  It is about the size of a bean, more haricot than butter, and the whole of it would be just visible as a pulsating lump on an Ultrasound.  But to us it is already a very much loved and wanted baby.  I feel fine so far, apart from the 'symptoms' (hardly the right word!) mentioned above.  After severe nausea with Lara and a bit with Sophia, I'm hoping there'll be hardly any this time.  Fingers crossed anyway!

To answer some interesting questions and comments we have had in the past week:

Oh dear, was it planned?!  (Nice initial reaction, thanks for that!). Yes, it was 'planned', it was always our intention to go for four or five children, not the regulation one/two.

You haven't got any room as it is, where are you going to put it?  (See above!). We have plenty of room for baby, eight foot of family bed will accommodate at least two more of us, and we have space for all the baby paraphernalia too.  We will be fine.

Why have you told people so early?  Yes, things go wrong, but we have never really got the not telling anyone till 12 weeks thing.  If anything did happen, although we assume it won't, I'm sure we would want to talk to people about it anyway, not keep it a secret.

Are you hoping for a boy this time?  Not really, no.  We would be more than happy with half a dozen girls, neither of us has any specific desire for a son.  We won't be finding out in advance, so will wait and see what we're given.

So you'll be stopping breastfeeding now then?  Um no, why?  I fed Lara throughout my pregnancy with Sophia, so why wouldn't I carry on feeding them both through this pregnancy?  My body is more than capable of caring for three or more of my children, that's what it's designed for!  Yes, it will be tiring, but breastfeeding is a great excuse for a sit, or a lie, down!  We'll be fine.

Are you going to have it in hospital this time?  Hopefully not, but we'll make that decision further down the line.  We're not even sure when we'll see the midwife yet, might leave it a few months.  Can do without all the unnecessary interference!  We will see.

So there we go!  My plan is to post a weekly update, as it will be a lovely record to have.  Hope you enjoy keeping up with it all too, a slightly different pregnancy journey.

Although I think my father-in-law wins the best question award from when we first told them we were pregnant with Lara - "Are you going to start eating meat now?  You'll need it to grow a baby."  After over 25 years of not eating it, no probably not, and uh that's inaccurate on so many levels I don't even know where to begin!!

Stand by your beds for more corkers folks!  Have a lovely weekend, L x

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  1. Aww Congrats!!! The girls must be sooo excited! And you guys too! A lovely Christmas present. Take good care of yourself and the 'tadpole'! xoxo

  2. Congratulations hope all goes well

  3. No dodgy questions from me just big congratulations xx

  4. Yes, love the has it been planned or was it a mistake question. Grrr. People asked me as well, simply because I was 42 when our second boy was born. I wish you an easy pregnancy, Leta, and love to you all including a baby bean.


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