Pregnancy Diary: Week 7 - Friend Froggy

Well the past week has just flown by!  I'm sure, based on how fast Sophia's pregnancy went, I will be saying this whole nine months goes incredibly quickly.

The little tadpole bean is continuing to grow exponentially, according to the books, which all seem to insist on comparing its size to a type of food!  I have seen both olive and Brazil nut used as a fair comparison of size at this stage, but I would have thought those two are vastly different in size.  I think the consensus is that it is about a centimetre long though.

Anyway, whatever food stuff it measures up to, the little embryo is doing its best to develop kidneys, lungs, and its little heart is banging away strongly.  It is now firmly anchored to its fast-developing little friend, the gorgeous, incredible placenta, and I am eating seemingly vast amounts to maintain it all.  Yep, permanently ravenous!

Luckily, any 'cravings' (i.e. messages from a body which knows what it needs) so far have been for lots and lots of raw veg salads (I kid you not!) and masses of tomatoes.  Hmm...  Only problem is that was accompanied on Monday by a desperate desire for Wispa bars, hopefully that won't be a constant!!

The other delight is that I am weeing for England, constantly, day and night.  I tell you, you never know the immense capacity of your bladder until you're pregnant!!!  The cats keep coming to the loo with me and watching in amazement as it goes on and on.  Sorry for the TMI folks!!!!!

And of course, I'm absolutely knackered most of the time.  Thankfully, Steve's funny hours mean that some mornings I can lie in for a bit after they all get up, or I can have a sleep in the afternoon if he is home early.  No surprise though with all the work that goes into building a new little person, and all the overtime my body's doing too.

Lara has christened the baby "Friend Froggy", which is rather cute.  I think we may have to find a nice sounding translation of frog to use as a middle name!  Anyone know of a language the word 'frog' sounds good in?  Speaking of names, one of our chosen girl middle names is being touted as a dead cert for the Royal baby, which is rather annoying.  I may have to write and tell them to get their hands off!

Until next week, Lx

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  1. The only lother language I know the word for frog is in Spanish, Rana! :)


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