Pregnancy Diary: Week 9 - Those Pesky Hormones!

A quick word of warning, if the wee information in this post was too much for you, look away now!  This week we are talking stomach cramps and - ahem - loose bowels.  Yep, that sort of first trimester joy!!  And of course, Googling it reveals that, like 99.9% of other pregnancy 'niggles' it is quite common and all perfectly normal.

I well remember during my first pregnancy saving up a little list of oddities in between midwife appointments (hands up, I can't be the only one to do that!).  And as I mentioned each of them, Becky smiled and said "yep, all normal", to each and every one.  Of course, I didn't want anything abnormal or worrying, but I couldn't believe it was all within the realms of what to expect.  Some of this stuff the books didn't even mention, like that horrid under the rib cage ache and/or stabbing pain as the baby shoves bits of its anatomy up there - ow!

But with everything from bowel complaints to skin complaints, to random aches and pains, vivid dreams and goodness only knows what else being considered normal, this pregnancy business is a funny old game!  The range of 'normal' is so immense that it seems nearly everything goes in pregnancy, and then of course what was normal for you last time, won't be on the second or third time round.  There will be a whole new variety of normal.  Fun!

And of course most of it is blamed on that ever-changing hormonal cocktail, or just weird bodily changes that we have absolutely no control over.  A great preparation for parenthood really - if you emerge the other side of childbirth still trying to control life, well good luck to you!  That way much stress lies.  Thinking back, I'm sure our 'go with the flow' parenting is a direct result of the vagaries of pregnancy.  Before that I'm sure I was much more organised, perfectionist and even possibly controlling, certainly in some aspects of life.  Since giving my body, mind and life over to my babies, I'm so much more laidback and relaxed about things, and as I often say, the choices we've made are the easy option.  It's all the routines and the 'just so' stuff that's hard work in parenting.

Anyway, I digress, other than significant time spent in the bathroom (see how subtle I'm trying to be here!), not much to report. A couple of crying dos for no apparent reason, and some horribly vivid dreams.  Yep hormones again, gotta love 'em!

Our little grape (yep the fruit comparisons continue!) is just over 1.5cm long, and has developed eyelids and toe and finger like webby bits at the end of its limbs, which is all rather exciting.  Plus 'it' knows whether it's a he or a she now, even if we don't, with the relevant internal bits developing to confirm it!

A bit more 'morning' sickness this week, lasting all day pretty much.  It had to be a man came up with that completely inaccurate phrase!  So lots of crackers and ginger biscuits being munched.

Will let you know what the next week brings, Lx