Review: Tree Fu Tom Pyjamas

Regular readers will know how crazy Lara is about Tree Fu Tom and friends, approaching biggest fan status I should say!  You can imagine her delight then when we were sent a pair of Tree Fu Tom pyjamas to review  recently.

The pyjamas are in a size 2-3 years (Lara is small for her age) and come up very roomy and comfortable.  They retail at £8 in Asda.  I looked in store and saw sizes up to about 5-6 years, so available for all ages that would be into Tree Fu Tom.

The trousers feature the Tree Fu Tom logo on the leg, and the short-sleeved top has a picture of Tom and Twigs on it, which Lara loves and can't stop admiring when she is wearing it!

The picture on the front is a transfer print, but a very good one and after a couple of washes (when we've managed to wrestle them off Lara!) shows no sign of fading or peeling, as so often happens.

Although Lara has recently discovered the idea of gender and asked a couple of times if they are boy pyjamas, she is still keen to wear them and accepts our assurances that such things don't matter.  I hope her love of Tree Fu Tom and Mike the Knight continues, at least as a good counter to the Disney Princess and Hello Kitty pinkness!  In the meantime she is certainly enjoying wearing her comfiest pyjamas with her hero on them!

I would highly recommend these pyjamas for any Tree Fu Tom fan.


  1. I like yourself :- am uncertain regarding ironed on transfers. As they do have a dendency to come off, and when they do it is bit by bit. Tree Fu Tom does seem to be a popular character. So I might just take a look at these when in store.

    Rachel Craig


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