A Summer's Evening

Pagham Harbour, July 2013

Despite the dire warnings on the weather forecast, the much-vaunted storms have yet to arrive here - unless you count one thunder clap and a quick shower burst!  The temperature has gone down slightly though, and a sea breeze started up which blows straight into our sitting room thankfully.  But we are still staying at home during the main part of the day, and having our outings when the day has cooled a bit.  This week we went for a lovely walk at Pagham Harbour, a local RSPB nature reserve.  Here are some of the photos from our evening:

Lara having a 'king of the world' moment

I loved the striking colour contrast

Small child + nature + stick = happiness!

Give ME the camera, Mummy!

Sun beginning to set and moon eager to appear

Making leaf porridge in the RSPB's dog bowl!


  1. Aww I love evening walks when it has cooled down a bit. I am loving the leaf porridge, the dogs will be happy haha x

  2. What sweet pictures :) My two love making grass soup in bowls! RSPB nature reserve looks a lovely place to walk! x

  3. Have just gotten depressed looking at this! Come back sun please! It has been really bad with the rain and thunder today. Really bad!

  4. Beautiful photos! The landscape looks so serene. Love Lara embracing the world!


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