Summer Heat and Small People

I'm just going to come out and say it OK?  IT'S TOO HOT!!!  I know, I know, we've all been complaining about the lack of a 'real' summer up to now, where's the sun gone, you wouldn't think it was June, etc etc etc.  I was there too, moaning, but now we've gone to the other extreme, and the girls are seriously suffering with it.  Lara keeps getting heat rash, and Sophia is just so lethargic and fed up with it.  So we are staying inside - a lot.

Poor dolly still gets dressed in hot coats, even at 38 degrees!

It does seem an awful shame not to be outside enjoying the sunshine, but it's just too much for the girls at the moment.  We have managed a few outdoor activities, with picnics in shady areas of the park and walks in the woods coming out on top.  But a lot of the time, at least 10.30am-4.30pm, we are at home.  Although we then have the beach to ourselves in the evening.

It feels very strange because we are usually out and about all the time, at the beach or the park, or out on day trips, but we are finding lots of at home activities to do: baking, drawing, painting, crafting etc.  It's great fun and we're all enjoying it, plus it is having a noticeable affect on their skills, Lara's in particular.  Here's her first 'real' see what it is drawing, a monster she drew for Sophia.  Complete with arms, legs and feet.

The only problem is that painting can be a rather slapdash affair, with anything and everything getting covered in paint when Sophia is let loose with a paintbrush which waves about right, left and centre!  Having lost a few items of clothing, I was rather glad to find a great selection of work aprons online, including some fab disposable ones.  Hopefully they will protect me from the flying paint our young Jackson Pollock feels the need to hurl about!!

Having their cute little table and chairs by the balcony makes it a nice cool place for the girls to sit and draw, which can occupy many a peaceful hour.  And then of course there's the usual favourites of baking, crafting and Play-Doh, so there is plenty to do, even though it's indoor stuff.

So I'm afraid until the heat cools down a little, you'll find us mostly in the shade or busy at home.  The bonus is a guaranteed home-made card if your birthday's coming up!!

How are your little ones coping with the heat?


  1. I am going to agree and say - YES IT IS FAR TOO HOT! I hate the heat now - even the kids don't want to go out in it anymore! So we are doing cool activities in the house too! Roll on Autumn!

  2. I need one of those arty pinnies for my little man, he is forever messy with his clothes while painting


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