Tickety Toc Toys Launch & A Sneak Preview of the New Toys!

There are some TV shows which just grab Lara from their first promotional trailer, she can't wait for them to begin, and then once the series starts she wants to watch it every day, more than once a day if possible.  It happened with Tree Fu Tom, and the new Peter Rabbit series, but most of all with the Channel 5 Milkshake show Tickety Toc.  From the very first trailer on Milkshake she was hooked!

Best of all, Lara is completely and utterly absorbed by the programme for its duration, whereas most of the other TV she asks to watch is there just as background noise/pictures.  But this show about two adorable characters, twins Tommy and Tallulah, has completely engaged her.  The twins are cute and cheeky, and get up to all sorts of mischief and mayhem with their array of friends whilst racing against the clock to ensure the hour is chimed in on time.  I don't know whether it is the characters of the twins, the magical behind-the-clock idea, or the storylines which most engages Lara, probably a combination of all three, but engage her it does.

When we were invited to be secret testers of the new Tickety Toc toys at Hamleys last weekend, and to meet Tommy and Tallulah in person, Lara was beside herself with excitement.  We had a good few weeks' build up to going to 'Tickly Toc' [sic], and Lara's excitement grew and grew, even more so when we found out her friend Chester was going too!

We stayed at my mum's in Buckinghamshire the night before, so driving into London was nice and easy with free on-street parking in an empty Covent Garden as an added bonus.  All day on the Saturday, and all of Sunday's journey, Lara talked non-stop about Tickly Toc, Tommy, Tallulah and the event, so we knew it was going to be a good one!!

We were greeted outside Hamleys by Tommy & Tallulah, then whisked up to the top floor for milkshakes, coffees and cakes - yum!  Sophia set to with some colouring:

The Milkshake presenters, Kemi and Olivia were there to lead the children in some singing and dancing and were both lovely.  Unfortunately, Lara didn't really want to join in with this bit - she was on a mission to find where Tommy and Tallulah had gone, and where the new secret toys might be hiding...

Impressively holding herself back, Lara decided to join in with the craft activity before we went to look at the toys.  The lovely Hamleys staff helped the girls made their own deely boppers to wear with assorted sequins, pom poms, feathers and glitter.  Steve looked very stylish in them later!!

We then went on to try the new toys, which include a fab Tickety Toc Clockhouse playset which comes complete with two level train track and a little Pufferty train to transport the two Tommy and Tallulah figures in.  With a key and cogs to turn to open the doors, fixed room pieces and the fab train, your little one can recreate the whole world of Tickety Toc at home.  Lara absolutely loved this, and it has shot straight to the top of her wish list!  At £29.99 for the whole set, I think this is great value for money.

Sure to be a Christmas must-have for any Tickety Toc fan!

Sophia loved the bigger Musical Pufferty Train (RRP £22.99) which plays the Tickety Toc theme tune when the funnel is pressed.  As the train is pushed along there are little Tommy and Tallulah figures that go up and down on their seesaw, and a Tooteroo the owl figure who spins on his perch.  Very cute!

She is very into any soft toy whose tummy can be pressed at the moment, so discovering that the 10 inch Tommy and Tallulah soft toys in front of her talked went down very well indeed!  With seven phrases each, these also seemed excellent value at £14.99 each, and perfect for lots of 'Tickly' cuddles!  Sophia was also particularly pleased when she found out that the adorable 6" cuddly Tommy and Tallulah toys could ride along in the larger Pufferty train, and happily pushed them around the table in it making assorted train and car sounds.

Lara quickly surrounded herself with all the Tickety Toc toys!

After we managed to tear ourselves away from playing with the toys, we went to have photos taken with Tommy and Tallulah, and then made the most of having the whole of Hamleys all to ourselves!

We were kindly given a Tommy and a Tallulah to take home with us, and they have barely been out of Lara's clutches since, they have even been in the paddling pool!  And guess where they sleep at night...

Thank you to the Tickety Toc PR team for a lovely morning, and two much-loved new friends!

The new Tickety Toc toys are available from tomorrow, 27th July, at Argos,
The Entertainer, Smyths, Amazon and all good toy shops/online.

All the toys are suitable for children 18 months+


  1. Looks like you had an amazing day.

  2. Certainly looks like you all had a great day out. Tickety Toc Toy range looks good. I will certainly be looking out for this range when I do the Christmas shopping.

    Rachel Craig


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