It's August, we're still in the middle of a heatwave, and I'm pretty much housebound due to this annoying PGP, so what else to do other than start thinking about the C word!!!  Before you click off in another direction, there really are only 17 weeks for you to deal with it, you know!

Yep, 17 weeks today it will be Christmas Eve.  And by then we will be fully ensconced on batten down the hatches babymoon with bub number 3, so I am determined to get the whole lot done and dusted - bar food shopping of course - by the end of October.  I now have two weeks of menus planned, food and gift shopping lists written, and half my present bought already - shocking!  The biggest challenge of course will be acquiring exactly what the small people's hearts desire, especially as it changes with frightening regularity!  Lists are being created...

This is being made significantly easier by the kind people behind the toy marketing campaigns who have already begun the advertising onslaught in between programmes on Milkshake every morning, with Sophia getting very excited with a certain dolly and her real working shower bathtub.  Lara's requirements are headlined by the Playmobil hotel which I have mentioned before, with a follow-up list which varies from day to day.  But one thing which remains a constant on her list is, rather randomly, an Ice Watch!

Before you head over to our About Me page to check, yep she's 3 and a half!  Can't yet tell the time, although she has some understanding of it, but one of these brightly-coloured jelly-style fashion watches is what she wants.  The only question is whether to have the bright pink one or the pale pink one!!

She first set eyes on these when they were sponsoring Take Me Out - one of Mummy's rare trash TV indulgences! - and fell completely in love with them.  I think it's probably the bright colours that Lara has fallen for, as well as the chunky jellyish appearance, but they do sound like great timepieces too.  And with Belgian design, Japanese movements and Chinese assembly these international gems are selling over 4 million watches a year!!

I've been having a good browse of some Ice Watch stockists, and reckon we might be able to provide Lara's must-have watch this Christmas, but unfortunately I may just have decided I have to have one too...  Now of course I just have to decide which colour!


  1. Between 11th Dec and 23rd Jan we have both our boys birthdays and the husband's. Plus Christmas. Oh and did I mention baby 3 is also due in January. So I am right behind you with getting organised for the festive season. I am off to Smyths tomorrow for big boy's moshi monster birthday presents. They currently have a half price sale on and as he has only just discovered them I have free reign to buy whatever. Keep up the Christmas posts :-)

  2. Yeah bring it on! 118 days to go and I cannot wait! I love those watches -my girls would love the pink and purple! Thanks for the review! I'm already making my lists!

  3. Ice watches are so simple yet so lovely!


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