On Gardens, Chickens and Corner Sofas!

Although we manage perfectly fine in our flat, at least we do with continual reassessments of space and its usage, there are many things I am looking forward to when we finally get a house.  Probably my top priority is a garden, as I know the girls would love the opportunity to be popping in and out all day long pottering and playing, whatever the weather, as would the cats.  And of course, I could have lots of fun growing endless vegetables and flowers too, maybe even keeping a few chickens.  Ah the dream of self-sufficiency...

Anyway, in the meantime we look longingly at Wendy houses at toy shops and garden centres; store bikes and assorted outdoor toys in the car or in the hallway, where complex manoeuvres are sometimes required to ensure we don't trip over them!; grow a few bits and bobs on the balcony and windowsills; and yearn to throw all the windows wide open, but know this is unwise on the first floor with seven devil-may-care child and kitty daredevils in our home!

More space would of course also be a bonus, although with a flat far bigger than many houses' ground floors I do not entertain huge hopes on that front!  Although of course an extra bedroom or two would be most useful, for play and storage rather than sleeping.  The family bed stays, however many bedrooms we end up with!  But actually one of the things I most hanker after is one of those huge, sprawling, luxurious corner sofas.

For a long time I wasn't convinced about these space fillers, and favoured the two sofa idea, but having lounged on various permutations of the corner arrangements at other people's homes, I am won over!  There is just so much more space on a corner sofa, and with the growing brood of children and felines that wish to snuggle up together of an evening, a conventional sofa just ain't cutting it!

After dinner and a bit of playtime, we usually all crash on the sofa around 8pm until the girls want to go to sleep, and I mean all of us.  As soon as you sit down in this house, there are at least two cats somewhere nearby, and often all five want to find a lap to snuggle on, or a leg to lie against, even in all the hot weather we've been having!  I figure if we get a big enough corner sofa there should be enough space for everyone to collapse comfortably.

And of course, in those rare moments when everyone is out of the house, I can recline in some sort of pose redolent of an Edwardian lady and get stuck in to my growing stash of must-read books, rather like this woman in fact.  What do you think?

You can find all these and more gorgeous corner sofas online at 123sofa.co.uk


  1. Im lucky enough to have a nice garden, though just hate having to mow the lawn and dig up the weeds but it is rather lovely to sit out on a nice summers day.

  2. I love corner sofas! Would love one in our house but the shape of the living room is wrong for one, but they do look so lovely to snuggle into! X


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