Review: Mega Bloks First Builders

After more than 25 years of providing creativity and fun for young children, Mega Bloks have relaunched and repackaged their range of bricks for children aged 1 to 5 years.  The perfect size for little hands to grip and build, the range now includes even more fun and developmental play ideas.  It is no surprise that Mega Bloks is the number one for pre-school construction toys, helping older babies and toddlers develop their motor skills, imaginations and creativity.  After extensive research into what mums really want, Mega Bloks have added more story-telling and role play products, such as cars, princesses and castles.

Our friends at The Entertainer sent the girls a lovely selection of new Mega Bloks First Builders toys, which have been played with continually since.  We received the First Builders Big Building Bag in Pink; the Lil' Vehicles Susie School Bus; and a Li'l Princess and Pony.  The girls, Sophia especially, love them and have played with them lots.

Sophia's favourite is the Big Building Bag, a self-contained bag full of bricks which can be used to construct anything - usually big towers or houses.  They are so bright and colourful, and easy to use, that Sophia goes to the bag most days.  Although she hasn't quite got to grips with opening the bag's zip herself, she can easily carry it to me to ask for help.  The bag itself is such a great idea, very robust and ideal for storing what is bound to become a growing collection of blocks.  It is also very handy for taking on holiday etc, the ideal portable toy!

Being a bit older, Lara is more into the role aspect, and is very taken with the Li'l Princess and her pony, although with a single horn we have declared him a unicorn.  She is played with regularly alongside other houses and play sets, as well as in huge Mega Bloks towers created by Sophia or Daddy.

Lara also loves the Susie School Bus, which is perfect for all kinds of toys to drive around in, even small cuddlies.  Sophia also enjoys pushing the bus around making suitable sound effects, although this does make the cats scarper!!

These are a great addition to our toy collection, especially being without the attendant frustrations of other stiffer or more complex brick systems, which Lara can manage but Sophia finds difficult.  We have already added a couple of other pieces to our new Mega Bloks First Builders collection, and I am sure it will grow in the years to come.

All of the toys mentioned are available from The Entertainer, currently at up to 25% off in some cases!


  1. Great review thank you! Mega Blocks are great for both sexes - my 2 girls and 2 boys have always loved their range!

  2. I think mega bloks are great, my son had them and now my daughter is enjoying them. They are a classic toy and great to take away... We took ours to Cornwall last year x

  3. My wee son loved Mega Bloks! He could play for hours on end! X


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