Things I Just Don't Get!

This could be a really, really long post I'm sure, but just off the top of my head, right here, right now, here are some of the things I just don't get...

People who pull out in front of you, then drive really slowly...

Builders and their scheduling/time estimates


People who are proud not to have read a book since they left school

'Sleep training'/cry it out


Taking antibiotics for colds/sore throats etc - and even more so the GPs that still prescribe them!

Las Vegas

Horror films - the real world can be bad enough!

Spice racks

Internet trolling - get a life people!!

TV 'talent' shows

Swaddling a baby instead of cuddling it

Obsessing about 'perfect' lawns, i.e. without daisies, buttercups, clover etc


New mothers who don't even try to breastfeed

The Tory party - and the people who vote for them

Red Bull

Oh my , I did come up with a bit of a list!!  What do you just not get?


  1. Good list, I agree about diets and Vegas in particular! Mine:

    Leggings worn as trousers with no skirt

    Boots / coats worn on warm days

    Swedes (the veg, not the people)


    Corporate team-building

    Acrylic fibres

    1. Oops, are leggings with long tops OK? I may have sinned on that one! Quite agree on the rest though!

  2. What's wrong with spice racks? Not sure my shelves count as racks, but they are laden with spices, albeit haphazardly and in a mad way.

    1. I mean those ones people have out on the side where the spices will go all rank in the light and valuable workspace is wasted. Cupboard shelves are different. Laden haphazardly here too! Lx

  3. about 50% of it I totally agree, if I had a list It would go on forever hehe

  4. People who drive at 30 in a 40mph zone! Why oh why?! Drives me insane! Lol x

  5. LOL It is nice to let off steam and shout about what you dislike! Yeah! Couldn't agree more with your comments!

  6. Agree on basically all of those, but I LOVE Vegas!

  7. I agree with most of those, and I usually have loads on my list but can't think of any right now, bloody typical!


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